Our Philosophy

Naad is the primordial sound that originated from the Big Bang - the infinite energy that makes up the universe and us alike. At Naad, we help you tune into the sound of the universe, restoring balance to your five senses.


About Us

The human body is like a musical instrument, which when tuned, produces beautiful melodies. Naad invites you to tune the five senses of sight, touch, taste, smell and sound for a healthy and fulfilling life. Naad is a world-class wellness centre which offers authentic treatments and therapies of the highest quality - just a stone’s throw away from Delhi.

Wellness Has A New Address

Located at just a stone's throw from Delhi, Naad Wellness is the perfect place to disconnect with stress and imbalances and reconnect with your true self. Tune into a sound lifestyle with our range of therapies and panel of experts to restore balance to your life and five senses.

Naad Wellness Private Limited, Ansal Sushant City, Sector 62, Kundli, Sonepat 131023, Haryana, India

Distance from Chandigarh : 217 Km
Distance from Gurgaon : 65 Km
Distance from Indira Gandhi International Airport : 48 Km
Distance from New Delhi Railway Station : 37 Km

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contact us at +91 7056615555

Transfers available on prior request
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